Beauty 5 Amazing Benefits of Aloe Vera for Skin & Hair in 2022Aisha AliuApril 17, 2022

Are you often approached with comments such as, “What’s your skincare routine?” and “Your hair is so lush, I love it!”? I am. And every time this happens, I beam and blush, obviously. But I also feel inwardly, genuinely pleased with myself because I know I’ve worked hard for my routine, and I’m always eager to share my journey highs and woes, what’s worked and how.Being the capital-b beauty enthusiast that I am, I thoroughly enjoy dabbling in and exploring new makeup, hair, and skincare care products on the market. And I think everyone should too!

Now as it is today, the beauty aficionados are singing the natural tune, and you know whatever beauty trend the world sings, we dance to. Amen! We are constantly hopping on the natural train and tagging along for the ride, be it watching 10 videos consecutively on YouTube to achieve a flawless brow or a no make-up look, or getting your hair to retain its shine by putting to use the ingredients in your kitchen cupboard, or achieving your skin goals with the help of the very plants growing in your garden. This leads us to one of the best plants out here: aloe vera. 

Unless you live under a rock, you’re not unaware of the supremacy of aloe vera in African agriculture. Many homes have aloe vera growing in their back or front yard, and the ones who don’t have neighbours who do. So suffice to say that everyone knows of aloe vera. But what do we know about it?

Not only is aloe vera widely known for its healing properties often used to treat burns, cuts, infections and other conditions, but it also works magic for our hair and skin and is a key ingredient found in many beauty products. This wonder plant is popular for its hydrating and moisturising effects. Here are 5 other fantastic benefits you can enjoy from using aloe vera:

Aloe vera moisturizes your skin and gets rid of dead cells

Aloe vera is an ideal choice for every skin because its hydrating properties keep you moisturized all day. You can apply the plant directly on your face (if you don’t mind the smell) or get a moisturiser with aloe vera as its key ingredient. It also serves as a natural exfoliant in getting rid of dead cells that clog your pores. You can either mix the plant with sugar as an exfoliant or buy an aloe vera based one. Massaging your face with aloe vera before going to bed softens your skin while you sleep and leaves you with silky, deeply moisturised, healthy skin. 


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Aloe vera can serve as an eyebrow gel

I bet you didn’t know that! Yes, you can use aloe vera to tame and hold your brows in place for the day, thank me later. Have you ever run out of brow gel and needed an inexpensive alternative? Who hasn’t?! Dip your spoolie brush in an aloe vera gel and brush your brows into shape. Aloe vera is popularly known to promote hair growth, and applying it on your brows can in time grow them full and thick, as well as your lashes.

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Aloe vera keeps your hair moisturised, shiny, and soft

Aloe vera not only shines and softens the skin, it does the same for the hair too. Use aloe vera as a deep conditioning mask and leave it overnight before washing off. It leaves your hair lush and absolutely shiny. Aloe vera is also an enemy of dandruff. We know dandruff not only affects our hair, but it also trifles with our self-esteem and holds us back from flaunting our hair. Well, goodbye to that! Aloe vera helps in getting rid of dandruff, and you will observe that many anti-dandruff shampoos list aloe vera as a major component. Aloe vera is useful in a plethora of remarkable ways and its being without side effects makes it one of the best natural beauty remedies there is.

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Aloe vera can be used as a natural substitute for shaving cream or gel

You must be surprised at all these uses of aloe vera! Well, there’s more coming: shaving. The lubricous nature of the plant’s gel makes it a great alternative to shaving gel. Aloe vera is also kind to the skin, so you never have to worry about developing strawberry skin. For a more natural effect, smear the plant’s gel over the patch you wish to shave and run a shaving blade gently across the skin. Aloe vera is tender on the skin and provides a smooth shave while also moisturising it. And its healing characteristics make it an even greater save for the few times you bruise or cut yourself.


Aloe vera is great for removing makeup

If you’re like me, you don’t use alcohol-based wipes when taking off your makeup. This is because alcohol steals the moisture off your face and dries up the skin, dilating the pores and leading to black heads and white heads that leave marks and scars in their wake. Simply apply a dollop of aloe vera gel on a cotton pad and wipe your makeup away. Alternatively, an aloe vera-based face wipe or mask is a great way to take off your makeup without causing harm to the skin. 

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Aloe vera is a natural remedy that holds a myriad of health advantages. Growing it in your kitchen garden is the greatest way to enjoy it without the worry of extra chemicals. It takes relatively little effort to care for an aloe vera plant, but the rewards are numerous and satisfying. So go ahead, spend your time and money bettering your health, your skin, and your overall well-being.