Wizkid's EP: Hit Or Miss?

Let's dissect Wizkid's EP track by track, shall we?

By Oluwajeminipe Fasheun-Motesho

PUBLISHED: January 12, 2024

Wizkid's EP: Hit Or Miss?


Around a year back, Wizkid, the Grammy winner, rolled out his fifth album, 'More Love, Less Ego,' with hopes of hitting the 'Made in Lagos' heights. But alas, it didn't quite catch fire. Fast forward to the end of 2023, and guess what? Wizkid hits us with a compact four-track EP titled 'Soundman 2.' Featuring only two artists– Wande Coal and Zlatan – the EP sees Wizkid going solo on two jams. Some fans who vibed with Wizkid in the 2010s aren't feeling his new groove. They're side-eyeing his changed singing style, saying it's too Western for their liking. But here's the scoop – 'Soundman 2' is like a musical love letter to the Nigerian crowd. It's Wizkidsaying, "Yo, I got you!" So, whether you're all in on his new sound or not, you can't deny this EP's got that Naija spice we all love.

The EP begins with ‘Ololufe’. Wizkid collaborates with the Wande Coal for this track. The track has a slow but catchy piano-driven beat. Both singers seem to praise different girls, as they mention names like Folashade and Titilope. WandeCoal shines more on this song, navigating the sparse lyrics and allowing the instrumentals to flow smoothly. Wizkid hits his stride with 'Diamond,' establishing the mood for the entire EP. The beat for Diamond is cheerful and lively. The song feels more like a freestyle, and Wizkid doesn’t properly articulate himself. Nevertheless, the supporting vocalist adds to enhancing the message of the song. The ultimate message from the song is “Diamond no dey force e self to shine”. 

In ‘Energy’- which is the third track of the EP, Wizkid switches between being serious with his lines and poorly articulating them, showcasing a playful side. The track has a slow tempo and beat. The last track of the EP is “IDK” and Zlatan features in the song. The intro of the song is a bit upbeat and captivating with Wizkid saying “Tough times don’t last, but tough people do, we go stand tall”. Still Zlatan Ibile steals the spotlight of the track, 'IDK,' understanding the assignment better with a more brilliant intro and verse. It seems that P-Prime, the music producer, has strengthened his connection with Wizkid, having collaborated with Olamide previously. He's responsible for producing the first three tracks, all of which have a sonorous vibe and beat. 

Love and sadness are the prevailing themes in this EP, influencing the messages that Wizkid and his collaborators seek to communicate to their fans. For some Nigerians, this EP marks the anticipated return they've been longing for, showcasing the brilliance and talent of Wizkid. While for some Nigerians, the S2 EP is a total flop on Wizkid’s part. This brings us to the major question- “Is Wizkid’s S2 EP, a Hit or Miss?” I believe it’s a huge miss. None of the tracks on the EP stuck for me, and the sound was not in the least captivating. It’s safe to say you wouldn’t be missing on anything from not listening to this particular EP.

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