Five Times Wizkid Dominated With His Iconic Fashion Statements
The very idea that men’s fashion has to be regular is long gone, from high-fashion runways to our favorite A-list male celebrities, fashion as we know it is changing for men. Gone are the days of basic looks, fashion-forward male styles are here to stay and who better to show us the way than the Afrobeat legend himself, Wizkid.
PUBLISHED: January 24, 2023



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Ever since Wizkid arrived on the Nigerian pop scene, he has continuously blown minds with his reverting sounds and iconic trendsetting style. There’s never a dull moment with our Starboy when it comes to the fashion department, he continues to awe us all with fresh streetwear, traditional fits, bold and bright colors, and his astonishing accessories.

Wizkid is an icon in his own rights, he steadily places Afrobeats on the world map thanks to his outstanding talent, and he’s also an icon in the world of high-fashion. The global superstar intricately pairs designs by African and European designers in a way that is effortlessly stunning and remarkable. 

Wizkid’s style serves as an inspiration, you don’t have to put yourself in a fashion box when you can take risks with patterns, colors, and styles. A lot of the time, Wizkid could be spotted wearing designers from head to toe that definitely costs a ton, but you could still take a note or two from some of his iconic fashion statements.

Sleek Street Style

If there’s one thing we know for sure about Wizkid, it’s that he always seizes the opportunity to look sleek, whether that’s on stage or with his savvy street style. Wizkid’s style is a true testament of just how awesome he is as an artist, his style never fails to exude confidence, sex appeal and freedom, he is a force to be reckoned with in both music and fashion.

If you’re looking to take a page out of Wizkid’s fashion book, the best place to start would be streetwear, you can be whoever you want to be and express your sense of style in a way that represents you. The Afrobeats sensation always knows how to kill it when it comes to street style, he easily combines the best street wear ensembles with the most delightful footwear or designer sneakers, and the perfect accessories to match.

Play with Colors

Resist the manly urge to shy away from colors, who says you can’t rock a good pink ensemble like Wizkid? You're free to play around with colors, we promise they don’t bite. Wizkid has made a handful of appearances in colorful looks that have a way of enhancing his superstardom. He isn’t afraid to pair colors together perfectly when putting together, and neither should you.

Gone are the days where men’s fashion had to be restricted to plain colors, you can go bold or go home! Rock those bold colors in a way that is artistic and fashionably perfection, if there’s one thing a good color combination does in fashion, it is that it makes you pop even more.

The Shirtless Look

The Alte Subculture is taking over, there’s no one way to dress that is subjected to being normal, whatever you do, don’t be normal when it comes to your style, fashion and overall persona. The Grammy award winning artist pulls this look off on a regular basis, and let’s face it, this is probably a look best suited for superstars and artists, but you could still learn a thing or two from this fashion icon and put your own twist into it.

We all love a good shirtless look once in a while, and Wizkid pairs it perfectly with his stylish designer ensembles, he rocked this look when he graced the cover of Flaunt Magazine. The Erdem jacket and pants ensemble was paired perfectly with the best neck piece.

Go Rogue

Black is always a good place to start if you want to go rogue, there are so many stylish instances where the superstar rocked the hell out of a black outfit, he always has his rock-star era in a full fledged fashion and revved up. The key to pulling off black on black on black is to do it like he does, effortlessly.

In true Wizkid fashion, you have to be eclectic at all times, it’s not just about putting together pieces, they have to be well crafted, well designed and stylish. The musician has placed himself on the high echelons of luxurious fashion worldwide, he can do no wrong in our books when it comes to his sense of style and glamorous fashion.

Don’t Forget To Accessorize

Wizkid is no doubt one of the most influential African Artists of all time, and he is also a fashion icon in his own rights. Right from his very first step into stardom, he has awed with his fashion choices and style, if there’s one thing he never fails to do when stepping into the limelight it is his perfect combination of accessories. He never fails to pair the right accessories with his ensembles, his choice in necklaces, black sunglasses and headwear is always topnotch and fashion forward.

Wizkid’s signature look could easily be his berets, in his music video for Essence, the singer was spotted rocking a Gucci GG Lame beret that was on brand with his style, so whether it’s his dark sunglasses, designer rockstar gloves, staple necklaces and even his unmatched choices in fashionable berets, bucket hats, scarfs and face caps, the singer can pull anything off, and we totally love to see it. 

The world of fashion is changing for superstars and regular guys, as long as you’re willing to experiment and play around with your style, the world of fashion would definitely be your oyster.

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