Step-by-Step Guide: How To Choose The Perfect Tuxedo For Any Occasion

Having a tuxedo in your collection is one thing but having the right tuxedo for the right occasion is another thing. In picking the perfect tuxedo certain things must be considered in other to appear classic and elegant. Here are some hints you can use in other to choose the perfect tuxedo for any occasion.

By Enaraosowo Odigha

PUBLISHED: July 19, 2023

Step-by-Step Guide: How To Choose The Perfect Tuxedo For Any Occasion


As a child, I always believed a man in a suit exudes a level of authority and respect from people, but as I got older, I discovered something special about one with a tuxedo. Although the use of tuxedos in social gatherings has been replaced with other clothing styles like senators and suits, we can't deny how good people look in a tuxedo. It is believed that seventy percent of a person's impression of another is based on what is physically seen.  When someone puts on a tuxedo it is assumed that the person is up for an important meeting or event. Tuxedos were made for black-tie events and were used in the 20th century by top officials in the United States of America as official wear for various meetings. From when tuxedos were designed, it has experienced great evolution. They have now been modernized and are no longer restricted to a particular gender and are normally used for events such as dinners, and award nights and high school students often use it for prom.

Tuxedos have been rocked by various celebrities both Internationally and nationally. Celebrities such as Will Smith who looked dapper in a Dolce and Gabbana tuxedo in The OSCAR’s 2022, and other notable celebrities who are frequently seen wearing a tuxedo including Michael B. Jordan, Rege Jean Page, Pharrell Williams, and many others. Nigeria is not left behind in this trend as we have experienced Nollywood celebrities rock mind-boggling pieces some of which are designed by our local designers. Celebrities such as Ebuka Obi- Uchendu, one of Nigeria’s big guns in the media space, always gives viewers of the Big Brother Naija show something to talk about with his astonishing pieces made by his designer, a Nigerian fashion tailor Mai Atafo. We have also seen wonderful pieces worn by Denola Gray who is one of Nigeria’s big fashion influencers who rocked a dissecting 3-dimensional tuxedo for the 7th Amvca Awards show in 2020. We also have actors such as Daniel Etim-Effiong, Efa Iwara, and content creator Ex-BBN housemate Saga Adeolu always leaves an impression each time they put on a tuxedo.

Although the culture of wearing a tuxedo started with men, it has evolved into an outfit that is not restricted to the male gender. Evan Rachel Woods started at a red carpet event sometime in 2017 "I am not trying to protest dresses, but I wanted to make sure young girls and women know that it is not a requirement”. This statement by Miss Woods has proven itself to be true with celebrities like Janelle Monae who always looks effortlessly gorgeous in her tuxedo. We also have the likes of Angelina Jolie who wore a Tuxedo a while back at the British Film Awards and Lupita Nyongo who wore a tuxedo with a dons molded breastplate to the Tony Awards this year(2023). Tuxedos have also evolved into dresses with the Mac Dougal Belted Long sleeve Tuxedo mini dress giving women and young girls options to choose from.

With this modernization of tuxedos, it is important to know certain things to consider when choosing a tuxedo.

Consider the Lapel style

. The lapel style is the most distinguishing factor of a tuxedo and is of three different styles. The notch lapel style, the peaked style, and the shawl style. When considering the lapel style ensure that it is proportionate to the width of your body. For example, a person with a broader body frame should go for a tuxedo with a shawl lapel style rather than a peaked lapel style which is often narrow.

Give Due Attention to the Type of Fabric

There are different kinds of materials used for making tuxedo which includes grosgrain, satin, and velvet among others. In choosing the material consider the look you seek to achieve. If you want a shining and bright look, you can go for a satin material that has a shiny and smooth appearance. Also, you have to avoid using low-quality materials if you don't want your tux to wear out quickly.

Pick a Colour that Goes with Your Skin

Most times people rather settle for a safe color like black but playing with colors sometimes doesn't hurt. In other to do this, pay attention to the color that blends with your skin tone. Going for a color brighter than your skin tone may not always end well except if you want to step out of your comfort zone.

Go For a Single or Double-Breasted Jacket

A single-breasted jacket is one with one button more like the regular type of jacket we see. A double-breasted jacket, on the other hand, is one in which the left side laps the right side and they usually have four buttons. This type of jacket is less common when compared to the single-breasted jacket.

In all, always ensure that you go with what suits your personality or style and not what is trending. Remember trends fade away but you will always be known for your style.

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