The Best Barbie Costume Ideas to Wear This Year



The Best Barbie Costume Ideas to Wear This Year

Additionally, a small token of appreciation for the Kens

By Iverson

PUBLISHED: August 07, 2023

Barbie has taken over our world with her candy charm and deep existential themes. Greta Gerwigs Barbie movie has left us with plenty to ponder especially when it comes to the fashion choices showcased by its stars. Margot Robbies nostalgic outfits, during the themed press tour and the designed Chanel ensembles featured in the film have ignited a fashion frenzy and led to exciting collaborations with various brands all thanks to this incredibly successful box office hit. It's safe to say that Halloween 2023 will be flooded with Barbie and Ken costumes as people embrace Gerwigs Barbie Land like a transformation into a land of Oz. Everyone is getting in on the fun including myself.

This year offers an array of Barbie costume ideas for those looking to celebrate Halloween in style. You can go for the classic blonde bombshell look. Explore Barbies social justice warrior alter ego, alongside Ken (or multiple Kens). To help you create the 2023 Barbie costumes and elevate your wardrobe along the way we have curated a collection of the options below. So go ahead shop these 12 Barbie movie costumes—without any morbid thoughts included!

Stereotypical Barbie

Say hello to Barbie, the ultimate representation of everything (and yes, she's basically become my entire vibe right now). Copying her style for a costume is a piece of cake—just think super girly and totally pink. To make the most of your look-alike ensemble, go for something that you'll love well past Halloween, like a gorgeous A-line dress or those fabulous Badgley Mischka pumps. Trust me, you'll rock them on more than just spooky nights!

Rollerblading Barbie

Imagine being one of the lucky ones to catch a glimpse of the very first Barbie on-set visuals. Well, that's exactly what happened, and let me tell you, the rollerblading outfits worn by Barbie and Ken are an absolute gem when it comes to picking a killer costume. What makes it a winner? It's effortlessly cool and instantly recognizable, that's why.

Now, let's say you're not exactly the type who lugs around rollerblades everywhere you go. No worries! You can still rock the look by going for some funky neon-heeled boots or a pair of those trendy chunky sneakers. And if you're up for really diving into the character, you better act fast because the Impala x Barbie collection is flying off the shelves everywhere it's sold. Time to channel your inner Barbie or Ken!

Western Barbie

When it comes to Barbie's style, Western Barbie is like the ultimate fashion statement. Chances are, you might already have a couple of these pieces tucked away in your own wardrobe, such as those classic white cowgirl boots or maybe some vibrant pink pants. But even if you don't, the great thing about this costume is that it's made up of versatile pieces that you can totally work into your regular rotation, giving them a new life beyond Halloween.

And to really make your Western Barbie look shine, why not add a touch of glam with these amazing tassel earrings from Revolve? They've got some seriously awesome ratings, so you know you're getting something special.

Mermaid Barbie

Hey, I'm not here to assume anything about your daily routine, but let's be real – besides the jewelry, those shiny seashell nipple covers and pretend mermaid tail might not find their way into your regular rotation after Halloween's done and dusted. This is one of those times where it's smart to go for more budget-friendly options and rely on makeup tricks, such as rocking a metallic purple eyeliner or some sparkly eyeshadow, to really make the whole mermaid vibe pop.

Fight the Patriarchy Barbie

This Barbie is a social justice warrior, and she’s here to reclaim her DreamHouse from Mojo Dojo Casa Ken in the name of gender equality. A great group costume, the pink Barbie jumpsuits are actually Greta Gerwig-approved, because the director was spotted in various on-set and behind-the-scenes photos wearing one from Pistola Denim.

Malibu Barbie

Everything started with the black-and-white maillot Barbie – the one that kicked off the whole Barbie saga back in 1959. She was the original, rocking her classic chevron suit, that iconic red lipstick, and those stylish cat eye sunglasses. Ruth Handler, the genius behind Barbie, brought this special doll to life, and you can even catch a glimpse of her in the movie's opening scene.

Now, if you're leaning towards a more contemporary, Malibu-inspired Barbie look, why not have some fun experimenting with various shades of pink? You could even throw on a pair of your go-to mule sandals or those cute kitten heels you adore. Just imagine giving that classic Barbie vibe a fresh, modern twist!

Weird Barbie

Meet "She’s Weird Barbie" – the gal who's all about striking those splits and owning her unique style. If you find a connection with her love for Birkenstocks and her straightforward demeanor, why not infuse a touch of your own quirky charm into her costume?

Think about rocking some mismatched earrings for that extra edge, maybe throw on a vibrant neon tutu to really stand out, or why not go all out with some wildly teased hair? And if you're feeling particularly adventurous, you might even consider donning a Guy Fieri wig – but I must emphasize, this wild choice is reserved exclusively for this playful "She’s Weird Barbie" transformation. Let your inner wild child shine!

Cowboy Ken

He may be “just Ken,” but he’s still prepared to go head-to-head with Barbie when it comes to style. Sure to be the couples costume of 2023, I better not catch sight of any western Barbie and Ken duos that aren’t addressing each other with the appropriate “Hi, Barbie!” and “Hi, Ken!” sentiments.

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