The Evolution Of Maternity Style With Fashion Content Creator Blessing Olukoya

The Evolution Of Maternity Style

By Iverson

PUBLISHED: August 23, 2023

The Evolution Of Maternity Style With Fashion Content Creator Blessing Olukoya


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History of Maternity Style

The first recorded maternity gown came about in the baroque period and was called the ADRIENNE, which featured an empire waist. In the early 1900s, some maternity clothing options became available to women in the middle and upper classes who could afford them. Maternity fashion was designed to conceal women’s pregnancies but over time, pregnant women began to experiment with new styles.

In the 70s pregnant women began to reject loose-fitting gowns and pleated tops. Instead, they replaced them with mini dresses, jumpsuits, and shorts. The first maternity brand came out in 1991.  During the 80s and 90s, maternity outfits were not different from the popular trend that was going on, including athletic wear and low-rise jeans. Which were so popular at that time. Women started being proud of showing off their tummy by wearing tank tops that revealed it.

Today maternity fashion is heavily influenced by celebrities like Rihanna, Meghan Markle, and so many content creators and influencers out there who are not shy to show their baby bump. In Africa, pregnant women are always made to stay at home wear flowing gowns that cover the baby bump. Over the years we have evolved and women are being fashionable pregnancy or not. We had a lovely time talking to blessing and she has been creating content for years now and being pregnant didn’t even stop her. It’s lovely to see people like her still do things that she normally does especially being an African woman were being pregnant means staying at home and taking care of her baby let’s get to her

Tell me a little about yourself and why you started content creating?

Blessing: my name is Blessing Olukoya, new mom to a beautiful baby girl. I am a lifestyle and fashion content creator based in Abuja, Nigeria. I started creating content because I needed to express myself and the creativity in me.

As a lifestyle content creator and a mum how did you combine both during your pregnancy days?

Blessing: while I was pregnant, there was a tiny voice in my head telling me to go off social media completely and not create anything. I ignored that voice because content creation I all I know and whenever I am not creating, I discover I am not always my best self.

Nowadays pregnant women have not held themselves back with fashion and it is so beautiful. Which style did you take in and why?

Blessing: being pregnant doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look good. My style while being pregnant was modest and I tilted towards this because it helped to keep me covered up while still being effortlessly chic.

Heels or slides. Which did you wear often and why?

Blessing: In my first and second trimesters, I wore heels quite well. During my third trimester, if found myself wearing flats a lot because my legs were swollen and heels were no longer comfortable for me.

Who is your maternity fashion icon of all time?

Blessing: I’d say Tomike Adeoye because I love how stylish she looked while being pregnant.

Your favorite maternity fashion brand?

Blessing: My favorite maternity fashion brand of all time is Asos Maternity. They have beautiful trendy pieces.

What advice do you give to moms out there and soon-to-be mums when it comes to fashion?

Blessing: My advice to moms when it comes to fashion is to always make comfort a priority. Wear whatever you’re comfortable in.

Thank you so much blessing for having us and we hope this would inspire moms to go out there and dress how they want regardless.

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