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7 Reasons Why Davido’s Side Chick, Anita Is Every Cheating Man’s Nightmare

“Anita didn’t just stain Davido’s clothes with mud; she soaked him inside it, then dragged him through it.”

By Ifunanya Nwanoka

PUBLISHED: October 18, 2023

7 Reasons Why Davido’s Side Chick, Anita Is Every Cheating Man’s Nightmare


Anita Brown should come and collect the award for the most audacious side chick in history.  I’ve never seen a side chick so defiantly brave, unapologetic and just absolutely shameless.

In case you missed the drama, don’t worry, let’s gist.

Everything kicked off  sometime in June 2023. Rumors started swirling that Davido, our own O.B.O, was cheating on Chioma with a black American influencer/former porn ambassador (sorry only fans Queen)Anita Brown. A lot of people couldn't believe it. Surely Davido would not stoop that low. 

While people struggled to believe it, Anita didn't just sit there quietly. She came out with the receipts – pictures, videos, and chat messages that left no room for doubt. She even went the extra mile and exposed his phone number for everyone to see. You see this one, there was evidence, concrete evidence. She then resorted to constantly dragging him. 

After a while, the entire situation started to fade and people thought it was a one-time thing. But no, Anita Brown, found a way to always make it back to the trends table. If consistency was a prize to be won, then Anita would take the prize for being the most consistent troll of Davido and Chioma. 

Since June till October, the babe no wan rest.

She'd take a break, and just when you thought it was over, she'd come back with more bombshells. She's put Davido, his family, and everyone close to him under heat. 

Nigerian men who like to play the game have been vocal about their displeasure with her. And Nigerian women, well, they have mixed feelings. Some say she's the side chick every cheating man deserves, one who won't let them off easy and will expose their secrets for the world to see. Others are just in awe of her audacity.

Some men have even resorted to actually saying they'll change their ways and stop cheating just to avoid crossing paths with a side chick like Anita. 

The drama and speculations just keep on coming, and Anita Brown, she keeps trending without breaking a sweat.

Here are 7 reasons why Davido's Side Chick Anita is Every Cheating Man’s  Worst Night

She will drag you through the deepest mud

Anita didn’t just stain Davido’s  clothes with mud; she dragged him through it. 

She exposed every little detail about him. She even claimed he was attracted to his own cousin! She said he confided in her about it. Talk about crossing all boundaries. She went on to reveal intimate family secrets, things he'd said about his wife,  Chioma. She literally left no stone unturned.

She had also chosen the moment when Davido was promoting his new music to put him through the wringer. Imagine trying to focus on your career and how you can feed your family and your side chick is out there spilling all your beans.

She will drag your whole family

Anita Brown won’t just  stop at dragging you; she'll come for your family too. I mean, she crossed all the lines by going after Davido's wife, Chioma, and it was completely brutal.

She even claimed that Davido and Chioma had used their own child for some dark rituals. She even accused Chioma of intentionally wanting their son to die just so she could marry Davido. That's completely cruel.

Anita Brown didn't stop there, she called Chioma desperate and suggested that she was enduring a lot. And it didn't end with Chioma; she went after everyone close to Davido, from his cousins to his brothers, his sisters, and even his extended family. So, if you have a side chick like Anita, you better believe it will not just affect you. Your whole family will suffer the consequences. That's a level of audacity that's off the charts.

She will pretend to be pregnant 

 Anita faked a whole pregnancy for Davido and  sent him into complete chaos.

Davido was practically on his knees, begging and pleading with her to end the pregnancy. He even sent her money to make it happen, and she had receipts to prove it. Months went by, and as Nigerians expectantly kept waiting for a bump, recent events suggest that she was never truly pregnant.  Imagine having a side chick like her who can lie about being pregnant, intentionally tearing your family apart. And then, when the damage is done, she reveals it was all a lie.

She will keep showing up from time to time

Having a side chick like Anita Brown is a never-ending nightmare because she just won't disappear. We all thought that the whole saga with her and Davido would be ancient history, by now right? Look how wrong we are! 

It's been over five months since the drama unfolded, and she's still popping up at the most inconvenient times.

Every time Davido trends or something big happens in his life, she throws a shade his way. When his twins arrived, she showed up. When he's in the spotlight, there she is again. She is determined to keep herself in the picture. Having a side chick like Anita is a nightmare because she's not someone you can just shake off. She keeps showing up, disturbing your peace, and reminding you of her existence.

She will lie and fabricate things that are not true

She doesn't just disrupt your life and your family; she'll also spin the wildest tales, bordering on absolute ridiculousness. It's one thing for a side chick to come forward with proof and evidence, but Anita, comes with truth, lies, jokes, everything!  She's like the queen of absurdity.

She accused Davido and Chioma of the most horrible things, even involving his father and close family to the mix. If you have a side chick like Anita, be prepared for her to cook up all stories without a single evidence.

You’re not just dealing with the fact that she's making your private life public; you're also facing her web of lies which some people might even believe.

She will give out intimate details of the sex and cheating

Anita has no boundaries, especially when it comes to intimate details. You see, a side chick is supposed to keep things on-the-low, right? It's supposed to be private, behind closed doors. When the drama with Davido kicked off, she spilled all the beans.

Even though the whole world knew she was a side chick, she shamelessly went on to reveal intimate and sexual details about her and Davido's escapades. She didn't hold back. She went as far as saying they both enjoyed their intimate moments and that Davido had gone down on her.

She’s not in Nigeria

Finally, the last reason why Anita Brown is every cheating Nigerian man's worst nightmare is simply her location. She's not even in Nigeria. So, you can't use threats, you can't send the boys to pay her a visit, and you can't do anything to silence her. She's in a country that protects women's rights and freedom of expression. 

She can run her mouth as much as she pleases, and there's nothing you can do about it. Her voice is loud, and it will be heard. She's in a place where she can be expressive about every little detail she wants to share.

Having a side chick like Anita Brown is a nightmare that no cheating man in Nigeria ever wants to endure. The best thing to do is to Well…try staying faithful. Just try it. 

Till next time.

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