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I'm In Love With My BestFriend's Father

They say falling in love with the wrong person can be a dangerous thing, and I’m here to tell you that there’s a reason why people say that.

By Oluwajeminipe Fasheun-Motesho

PUBLISHED: January 08, 2024

I'm In Love With My BestFriend's Father


They say falling in love with the wrong person can be a dangerous thing, and I’m here to tell you that there’s a reason why people say that. Who you fall in love with matters a lot more than you can imagine- because your heart is your most prized possession. 

It all started early last year when my best friend, Ada, called me that she was returning to Nigeria after residing with her family in UK for ten years. Her dad got a job and relocated the entire family overseas. I remember being devastated when she told me she was leaving, so you can imagine how ecstatic I was when she told me she was returning with her family. Apparently, her dad had gotten transferred back to Nigeria. 

Ada and I had tried to keep our friendship going over the years, but distance and the different timezones posed to be a major challenge that affected us greatly. However, even though we weren’t close anymore- I knew I could still depend on her. There would be circumstances that we wouldn’t speak or text for about three months- but I’d call her when I was stuck and I needed advice, and she would always pick up on the first ring. She was there for me even though she was a thousand miles apart, and I was there for her too. Our friendship dynamic was rock solid without any pressure, and I loved it- even though I missed hanging out with her. Ada was the life of the party and there was truly no dull moment with her. 

I anticipated her return and even went ahead to throw a welcome back party with a few friends from our circle. She was elated and we had a superb time just having fun and being in the moment. Ada invited me to her house the next day to just hangout and I decided to go. The next morning, I got to her house and met a handsome young man in the waiting room receiving a call. This man looked very familiar, but I couldn’t quite place the face. 

I could tell he was old, as his stature and voice seemed mature. He was tall and had a well-groomed beard. 

“Tell Linda to call the manager and get it sorted out” I heard this mysterious figure say in an authoritative voice to the person he was talking to on the phone. He was really engrossed in his conversation, so he hadn’t noticed me step in. Who was this mystery man? I kept wondering. Probably Ada’s cousin? I was even more curious to find out, but I needed to find Ada first. 

Just as I was about to find my way to the stairs, the mysterious figure noticed my presence and looked towards me. I froze and I stared at him and proceeded to say, “Good morning”.

“Bukola, is that you? You’ve grown” The man said, “Your cheeks still look as puffy and soft as ever”.

I looked at him more closely and blinked a couple of times in disbelief. It dawned upon me instantly and I wanted the ground to swallow me up immediately. I was fawning over Ada’s daddy.

In my defence, he looked entirely different. Last time I had seen him, he was a plump man who was struggling to balance spending time with his children with his job. It was then I remembered that Ada had mentioned her dad having a major surgery because he had Type 2 Diabetes. He had probably lost weight because of the surgery and his change in diet. 

I mean, who looks this good and yummy in their fifties? I thought to myself and quickly reprimanded myself because this was supposed to be my best friend’s dad. At this point, Mr Eze was looking at me because I was mute. 

“Ada is upstairs in her room” Mr Eze informed me when I didn’t say anything. I timidly nodded my head and went to find Ada. Ada was the last child and only girl amongst two boys. Ada’s mom had died due to complications during Ada’s birth. She never got to meet her mom, but her dad had tried to fill in that motherly void.

I finally saw Ada and it was indeed a pleasant day because we just hung out and caught up on everything happening in our lives. I didn’t bring up the awkward encounter I had with her dad because I felt it would have been weird.

Days passed, and Ada and I spent them mostly together, either gisting, going on friendship dates, or just hanging out. Things started going downhill when Ada invited me for a dinner that her nuclear family was having. She told me her dad had insisted on her bringing a friend- and had called my name in particular. I had agreed to go, after all I was going to be with Ada throughout.

I decided to go with a simple and basic satin gown that brought out my shape. The dinner went smoothly, and a great time was had. We all laughed, dined and enjoyed ourselves. I had planned to spend the night in Ada’s house because I had an inkling the dinner was going to end late (which was what happened). 

We all got back to the Eze’s house. Though it was late, everyone (including her brothers and dad) agreed to watch a movie. It was the new John Wick movie. Thirty minutes into the movie and everyone had slept off, yet I was still awake. Let’s just say that I’m a huge John Wick fan.

Later on, my throat was a bit parched, and I went to the kitchen to get something to drink. I saw a shadow walk up to me in the kitchen, and I gasped out from fear because I had imagined everyone was asleep- but it was only Mr Eze. My movements had probably woken him up. I was breathing very heavily from fear still. “Calm down” Mr Eze chuckled and told me. 

I nodded and proceeded to grab the bottled water from the fridge. Mr Eze was seated on one of the barstools in the kitchen and was using his phone. I eyed him and started leaving the kitchen. 

Now, Mr Eze was seated on the barstool that was close to the door leading out of the kitchen. Hence, I had to pass him to leave the kitchen. Just as I was about to take the final step to leave the kitchen, Mr Eze pulled me back and kissed me.

To say I was shocked would be an understatement. I paused for a moment because I didn’t quite understand what was going on. Mr Eye was kissing me? Soon enough, I moved my lips to the rhythm and started kissing Mr Eze in return. It seemed too surreal to be true, and it genuinely felt like I was in a wattpad story. 

According to him, he had always had an eye out for me- but he had been scared of making the first move since I was his daughter’s good friend. That insane kiss that very night paved the start to a clandestine affair between Mr Eze and me. We went on every kind of date you could think of within the space of three months and had consensual sex for every one of them- movie date, dinner date, beach date. Just name it and we’d probably have gone on it. We were literally sneaking around to avoid being caught by Ada.

Three months turned to six months, and I’m still currently having the affair with him. I have enjoyed every bit of the last six months, but it’s a new year and I don’t want to start the new year on a bad note. Ada has every right to know that I’m in love with her father. Yes, you heard me- I’m in love with my best friend’s father, and he loves me right back. 

A huge part of me feels guilty, and I do want to let Ada know what’s going on- but how would I tell her? How do I tell my best friend that I’m sleeping with her dad? 

Charles, sorry- Mr Eze, doesn’t mind. Actually, he has been on my neck to let her know. Truth is, he has nothing to lose. Ada is his daughter, and they’d always be connected one way or another. It’s a much more different case for me. 

I’d leave you with this question that has been hunting me for months “If you were me, would you tell your best friend that you’re having an affair with her father, and you’re in love with him?”

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