Davido And Chioma Twin Babies - 10 Different Ways Netizens Are Reacting

“The Twitter Feminists - Online activists, but wifey materials offline. They switch from fighting gender inequality to analyzing relationship dynamics.”

By Ifunanya Nwanoka

PUBLISHED: October 16, 2023

Davido And Chioma Twin Babies - 10 Different Ways Netizens Are Reacting


Very few things light up the internet like the birth of a child. And even fewer things light up the internet like the birth of TWIN babies by everyone’s favorite celebrity couples. When the rumors of Davido and Chioma first started swirling that they had given birth to twins, social media had exploded with excitement. The rumors were really really  wild, but it wasn't until last Thursday that a video surfaced, confirming the joyous news. 

Let’s remember that the couple had lost their only son, Ifeany, last year back in October after he drowned in a pool. It seemed that it was orchestrated by God for them to  welcome twins in the same month they experienced a devastating loss.

Since the video emerged, netizens have been going wild with their reactions. Some are happy while some are just there for the clout they can gain from such a trendy heartwarming moment. I mean, it is Davido, so it is expected. 

Here are 10 different reactions to this beautiful development;

The Clout Chasers

In times of trending stories, you can always rely on the clout chasers to be front and center. The Daddy Freezes, Reno Omokris, Daniel Reghas, and Solomon Buchis  of the internet are quick to seize the moment, sharing their two cents on the matter. Anything trending is their golden opportunity to boost followers and engagement. It's not personal; they're just chasing the clout.

The Genuine Well-Wishers

This group makes up the majority of people, (I would love to believe) and they genuinely couldn't be happier for the couple. They remember the couple's heartbreaking loss and feel verjoyed that they now have double the blessings. These people are experts at celebrating others' happiness and spreading good vibes.

The Sadists

In a world of ups and downs, these sets of people are consistent in their sadness.  They see the glass as not just half-empty but almost bone-dry. Finding joy in anything is a challenge for them. They excel at spotting the negatives and dishing out gloom. While others celebrate the great news of Davido and Chioma’s twins,  they look for any reason to drain the joy from the situation, claiming that they should stay quiet about the twins' birth.

The Prophetic Seers

 These people always claim to have seen it coming. They're the ones who say, "I knew Davido and Chioma would have twins. I had a vision back in 2022!" They confidently assert that nothing ever takes them by surprise. While some pastors have made revelations, even netizens allege that they knew Chioma was pregnant all along. If you ask them how they know they will tell you, they just know.

The Opinionated Ones

Opinions are these people’s middle names. They don't mean to be negative, but they always have something to say. They're the detail-oriented enthusiasts who love dissecting every aspect of the news. They analyze the birth process, speculate if it was planned, and offer unsolicited advice, sometimes boldly tagging the celebrities involved.

The Love Bugs

These sets of people are awwing at the beauty of it. I unabashedly fall into that category. These people are here for the heartwarming, feel-good moments. They firmly believe that Chioma and Davido were made for each other, and their journey, though marked by tragedy, continues to inspire. Awws, smiles, and giggles are their currency.

The Jealous Ones

In every setting, you will be sure to find one or two green eyed monsters. These are the set of people  who've never really known love's tender embrace, so they can't help but feel a tinge of jealousy. It's not that they're naturally sad – they're just lacking in some love vibes. When they see happy couples celebrating their blessings, it stings. But they'll quietly scroll on to other posts, nursing their little green monster.

The Twitter Feminists

Online activists, but wifey materials offline. These are the ones who switch from fighting gender inequality to analyzing relationship dynamics. They can't help but comment on how Chioma should be more independent or how she should have her own thing going. They sometimes go off on a tangent and, well, end up not being real feminists but anti-male activists.

Wizkid Fans

The age-old rivalry between Davido and Wizkid fans doesn’t seem to be dying down anytime soon. Some will never be truly able to like the other party as long as they have a core fave. Even in the midst of the  joyous birth of twins, they've been trying to make their own fave trend more.  Let’s recall that Wizkid’s mother's burial had been held very recently. They're firm in their belief that Whiskeyed reigns supreme and that Davido is just a clout chaser. They have no defined reason for not celebrating Chioma and Davido’s twin babies, it's all about the rivalry.

The Core Fighters

Last but not least, the O.B.O. Gang. These die-hard Davido supporters don't just talk the talk; they walk the walk. They have Twitter fingers ready to defend their beloved artist. Always on the lookout, they're quick to put anyone in their place who dares to speak ill of Davido. They're fierce protectors and fans. A word of advice – don't mess with them!

Congratulations to Davido and Chioma!!!

They’ve not just doubled the cuteness in their household but also given the internet something to talk about in weeks to comes

 I still can’t help but wrap my hands around the fact that Chioma and Davido are now “Mama and Papa Ibeji”

Double strollers, double diapers, and double the love – what more could we ask for? The love story continues, and we will continue to watch expectantly for more exciting news.  

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