Mohbad’s Autopsy Result - 5 Possible Outcomes

Some netizens believe that a "white substance" forcefully given to Mohbad May have been a slow-acting poison, carefully administered to ensure an slow death.

By Ifunanya Nwanoka

PUBLISHED: September 27, 2023

Mohbad’s Autopsy Result -  5 Possible Outcomes


A week ago, Netizens were absolutely feral and amped up with their speculations on who they believe was behind the painful passing of Mohbad.

Their speculations pointed to 5 major people; Naira Marley, Mohbad’s father, Mohbads wife Omawumi, Sam Larry and the Ikorodu show organizers. I wrote an article on that and if  you haven’t read it, then you should scroll down and read it.

While the controversies and speculations surrounding the painful loss of the young and talented musician continue to mount, new facts continue to emerge.

Last week, Mohbad’s body was exhumed. A statement was released hours after his body was exhumed informing the public that an autopsy has already been done. As expected, netizens and the police are expectant to see the results. 

This result would finally give Nigerians and the whole world an answer to the questions constantly being raised about who is responsible for Mohbad’s death.

As we patiently await the results of Mohbad's autopsy, I find myself contemplating various outcomes that could give bring  light on the circumstances surrounding his untimely demise. 

Below are  major speculations of the possible outcome of Mohbad’s autopsy result. This is based on the contents on social media and speculations gotten online not my personal belief.

5 Possible Results Netizens Are Expecting Following Mohbad’s Autopsy

 An Injection Gone Wrong 

Shortly after Mohbad's heart-wrenching departure, his father had made a revelation that veered away from sinister speculations. He suggested that his son’s untimely passing may have been due to an injection administered by an auxiliary nurse for an ear infection. 

However, a few days ago the NANNM released a statement where they boldly asserted that the nurse in question who might have administered the injection to Mohbad was in fact not a registered nurse. 

This unexpected claim has sparked intrigue, which raises the possibility that the autopsy results might reveal intimate details about the type of injection given to Mohbad, potentially pinpointing it as the cause of his tragic passing. 

A Possible Physical Altercation?

Another sad possibility that lingers in the minds of those seeking answers is the idea that Mohbad’s death could have been caused by a physical shuffle. Although his body showed no visible injuries in the viral videos shared, some Netizens continue to speculate that he could have died from internal injuries or suffocation. This suggests that he may have suffered an internal physical injury that remained unseen to the naked eye. There is also a suspicion that his neck could have been broken, leading to his death. This theory started to swirl following the first  viral video of his dad's body in the car, his head lolling to one side. Also in his coffin, Mohbad's head was badly angled to one side. His  coffin had been too small for his body, raising more questions about the state of his neck.

Drug-Related Complications

Another prominent speculation is that Mohbad's death could be linked to drug-related complications. This theory has gained traction due to the perceived lifestyle of some individuals in the music industry. 

Mohbad had reportedly struggled with mental health issues. He had even tried to commit suicide one time in 2022 and according to his friend they only thing that had saved him had been his relationship with his girlfriend. 

His mental health issues especially dealing with the legal battle with marlians records  could have played a big role in his passing in him indulging in drugs. 

The claims are supported even more by statements from his wife, Omawumi, who shared that Mohbad lived in constant fear and anxiety.

However, this is purely speculative and not generally accepted by people since he seemed to have turned away from a certain lifestyle since leaving Marlians record. 

A Preexisting Health Battle - High Blood Pressure Complications

Another theory suggests that Mohbad may have been battling with a high blood pressure. This speculation gains weight from a viral video that captured the artist in a hospital, receiving treatment via an intravenous drip for his high blood pressure. 

Shockingly, reports had circulated about his high blood pressure at the young age of 27. While his body showed no signs of physical harm, it is possible that complications arising from his high blood pressure might have played a swift and silent role in his demise.

High blood pressure can lead to various severe health issues, including heart problems, strokes, and organ damage. If untreated or unmanaged, it could have been a silent adversary that eventually took its toll on Mohbad's health, leading to his sudden passing.

Slow Poison

Perhaps one of the most mysterious speculations centers around a video in which Mohbad claimed to have been accosted by the NDLEA (National Drug Law Enforcement Agency). In the video, he stated that he was forced to ingest a white substance while in their custody. What adds to the mystery of this  is the fact that he was reportedly the only one compelled to consume it, despite being with others, including former fellow Marlian Records signee Zinoleesky.

Some netizens believe that this "white substance" may have been a slow-acting poison, carefully administered to ensure a prolonged and undetectable demise. This adds even more depth to the expectancy for his autopsy result.


While this is one that is not on the list since it cannot be detected by an autopsy, netizens have also suggested that his cause of death could be African Juju.  

As wild a claim as it is,, it cannot be ignored. Some eyewitnesses who attended his last show made claims that he had been "hit" by Juju during his show in Ikorodu.

This angle puts Mohbad’s cause of death in the light of sinister spiritual forces transcending any autopsy result.

As we anxiously await the official autopsy results, it is important that all theories and speculations are approached with caution and empathy. The truth behind Mohbad's passing may be more intricate than we can imagine, and only the autopsy findings will provide the clarity we all deeply seek.

In the meantime, my thoughts remain with Mohbad's family, friends, and fans, as they continue to come to terms with this profound and sudden loss.

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